GreenMe5 partners meet in Vilnius to study air and noise quality

The Lithuanian partner held an analysis laboratory to measure in a neighbourhood of the city two of the axes on which the “Green Cities Agreement” focuses

The LIFE GreenMe5 project, financed by the European Union and led by the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, has already held two face-to-face meetings, the last one in Vilnius, where the partners have had the opportunity to work on this initiative which aims to facilitate the implementation of the Green City Agreement in 5 European municipalities.

The project partners, Murcia, Cieza, Arezzo (Italy), Helsingborg (Sweden), Vilnius (Lithuania), Eurovértice and the Federation of Municipalities of Murcia, held an internal coordination meeting to evaluate the progress of the project, but also the hosts organised a “Green Innovation Camp”, an analysis laboratory with different activities to respond to research on environmental factors.

One of them was to measure the air and noise quality in a street of a suburb chosen by the municipal technicians among more than 800 streets, in order to measure the impact of improvement according to cost-efficiency, and thus improve public policies applied to that area.

In addition to the workshops held in the laboratory, the partners agreed on the next steps to be taken, and exchanged knowledge and best practices related to the central axes of this LIFE project: water, noise, air, waste, nature and biodiversity.