The Federation of Municipalities presents LIFE GreenMe5 to the signatories of the Green City Accord

The Green City Accord secretariat held an online meeting to highlight the value of projects framed in this important agreement, the fundamental basis of which is to be sustainable and respectful of the earth and the environment. A Green City thinks about respecting the planet, which is where the resources we use come from.

The event was attended by numerous representatives of organisations that are carrying out initiatives financed by the European Union to work on five fundamental pillars: water, noise, waste, air, nature and biodiversity.

Since September, the Federation, which includes the 45 municipalities of the Region of Murcia, has been leading a new project of the LIFE programme, called GreenMe5, in which the Federation of Municipalities itself, the city councils of Murcia, Cieza, Arezzo, Vilnius and Helsingborg, and the consultancy EuroVértice are participating.

The area dedicated to European projects presented the keys to this project to the signatories of the Green City Accord, these being the pilot actions in the five participating cities.

Among the actions to be carried out, the partners are committed to improving their cities by implementing actions on better management of natural resources and waste, the promotion of circular economy, the increase of green spaces, the reduction of noise by reducing traffic, or the construction of a dyke that reduces the risk of flooding and protects the agricultural areas of the area.